Ongoing Legal Counsel For Landlords And Tenants

The Law Offices of James D. Thrasher has practiced real estate law in Massachusetts for over three decades. Our attorneys have a breadth of experience representing both landlords and tenants in residential and commercial landlord and tenant law.

Whether you are entering a rental agreement or are a real estate management company, an ongoing relationship with a trusted real estate attorney can prove to be invaluable. We strive to represent our clients in a variety of legal disputes over their lifetime, aiming to build strong relationships that allow us to provide more personalized solutions no matter what you face. This continuous legal counsel allows us to build you stronger contracts and take quicker action in the face of evictions or other disputes.

Drafting And Negotiating Leases And Rental Agreements

A proper lease agreement or rental agreement is the staple of any landlord-tenant relationship. Our landlord and tenant law attorneys are adept with any legal contract, and can help draft, review and negotiate residential and commercial rental agreements.

Our lawyers have helped facilitate over 5000 real estate transactions throughout Mansfield, Foxborough and the surrounding area. We have extensive knowledge of all real estate matters, which can be an asset for your landlord and tenant dispute. When you are working with a lease or rental agreement or simply want an understanding of how to comply with the residential security deposit law, consult with our law firm to ensure your interests are protected.

Working With Real Estate Operating Companies And Developer

If you are a real estate operating company or a developer, our services can be particularly valuable for you. Landlord and tenant agreements are the cornerstone of your business, and they deserve quality protection. Our lawyers have worked with numerous parties in a variety of matters, and have the resources you need to conduct business smoothly.

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