Adept With Purchase And Sale Agreements And Disputes

When you purchase or sell a property, the purchase and sale agreement outlines all the terms of your transaction. At the Law Offices of James D. Thrasher, P.C., we have worked with a wide variety of real estate agreements and have helped facilitate thousands of residential mortgages. Our lawyers have helped thousands of Massachusetts residents and businesses protect their most valued purchases.

Our firm has worked with a variety legal contracts of all types over the course of three decades. Our attorneys can provide valuable insight into your purchase, and ensure the terms are fair and your interests are represented.

Resolving A Variety Of Property And Boundary Disputes

The terms of your purchase and sale agreement generally outline your terms and any contingencies that surround your purchase. Should there be any disputes or disagreements on financial terms or other conditions leading up to your closing, or sometimes even after the closing over the use of your property, your agreement can be vital to resolving these matters.

We also have extensive experience representing homeowners and businesses in complicated boundary disputes. Disagreements over land ownership and property lines can be heated. If a neighbor is infringing upon your property, you have a few actions available to you. Our attorneys can walk you through your options, from performing property surveys to filing a quiet title or adverse possession claim.

Trusted Mansfield And Foxboro Real Estate Attorneys

The Law Offices of James D. Thrasher, P.C., has represented clients throughout southeastern Massachusetts in all types of real estate matters. We want to be your lawyers, helping you through any legal matter you encounter over your lifetime.

A purchase and sale agreement sets the conditions around your real estate investment — one of the most important decisions of your life. Working with a trusted attorney to ensure the agreement is favorable for you is a small price to pay to protect your purchase.

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