Walking You Through Zoning And Permit Issues

One of the most frustrating parts of developing, building or renovating your property is the zoning and permit issues you may encounter. Local governments have zoning codes and building codes designed to restrict what you are allowed to do with your property. The Law Offices of James D. Thrasher has helped many residential and commercial property owners understand these restrictions, and find viable ways around them.

Without a knowledgeable attorney by your side, you may unknowingly infringe upon these restrictions. If you are making changes to your property, you want to ensure you follow all local laws in the process. We understand the nuances of property zoning, and can help prevent or mitigate any issues that could prolong your project or drive up your costs.

Challenging Zoning And Permit Restrictions

In some cases, you may wish to challenge the restrictions being placed on your property. There are special boards of appeals in place in Massachusetts to challenge these zoning laws, and an experienced attorney could help you contest these restrictions.

If you want to challenge zoning and permit laws, it is best to do so only with a lawyer you can trust. In most cases, the board of appeals favors the ordinances, and the municipal attorney and planning officials are very well-versed in their area of law. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of real estate law, and can help determine if you have a sufficient argument against these restrictions.

Experienced With Restrictive Covenants And Other Provisions

It may not always be the government imposing restrictions on your property use. Restrictive covenants are deed provisions put in place by developers or other parties to limit the use of your property, often to enhance the experience of their community, neighborhood or development.

Our attorneys can walk you through the variety of provisions you may have on your property. We are trusted throughout the Mansfield and Foxboro areas for our experience and knowledge in real estate law. To get started with us today, call us at 508-339-4822 or contact us online.