Business & Corporate Law

Corporate law matters are rarely one-time issues. Having a legal team you can trust can help you resolve any issues now, and mitigate the risk of costly conflicts rising in the future.

At the Law Offices of James D. Thrasher, P.C., we strive to help your business meet its long-term goals of success. Our business law attorneys are well-versed in a variety of complex business matters, and have served numerous Massachusetts businesses ranging from sole proprietorships to limited liability companies and closely held corporations.

We ensure any paperwork is done correctly and efficiently, and aim to help you with every legal matter you encounter in the future. And the longer we work for your business, the more familiar we become with it, allowing us to provide more personalized attention.

We are Familiar with How Businesses Are Formed & Operated

Our attorneys have helped many businesses and entrepreneurs establish their companies. We can establish partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs) and any form of corporation in Massachusetts. We also have represented businesses in a variety of legal matters that impact their operations, including:
    - Acquisitions
    - Arbitration
    - Consumer Protection (Chapter 93A claims)
    - Contract Disputes
    - General Litigation
    - Insurance Issues
    - Landlord / Tenant Disputes
    - Leases and Financial Matters
    - Mechanic's Liens
    - Premises Liability
    - Real Estate Matters
    - Small Business Matters
We can help your business with nearly any legal matter, as well as complex issues that span multiple areas of the law. We are seasoned real estate litigators in the case of commercial real estate disputes. Call our office to discuss your case, and we can examine your options and best path forward.