Elder & Estate Law

Attorneys Seniors Can Trust

A proper estate plan and reliable probate administrator can secure your most valuable assets and take the worry off your family after your death. At the Law Offices of James D. Thrasher, P.C., we have helped a variety of clients in their elder and estate law matters, including:

- Estate planning
- Finding nursing homes
- Home health assistance
- Medicaid eligibility
- Powers of attorney
- Probate administration
- Real estate matters
- Tax matters
- Trusts
- Contested Will

Our estate planning attorneys are trusted by seniors and families in the Foxboro and Mansfield area, and throughout eastern Massachusetts. We strive to be your lifetime attorneys helping you with employment law, family law, personal injury, real estate, divorce, probate and more. The longer we work together, the better we can understand your needs over time and offer personalized service to best meet your goals.

Planning & Peace of Mind

An experienced estate planning lawyer can facilitate the transfer of your assets to minimize any complications or stress on your family. We take care of any paperwork, and optimize your estate plan to help reduce any fees that might accompany the probate process.

Once you pass, the probate process can be lengthy and complicated, sometimes taking over a year to complete. Our attorneys can help simplify the process for even the most complex estates, streamlining probate administration. We also charge hourly, with no charge on the value of the estate. This ensures you receive quality care at a fair price, regardless of your assets.

Helping You Establish A Comprehensive Estate Plan

Estate plans are rarely one-size-fits-all. Every person has a unique collection of assets and circumstances that warrants their own personalized estate plan. This can include not only the transfer of assets, but also the estate tax liability, nursing home costs, capital gains consequences and gift taxes.

We take every factor into account when planning your estate. We offer a variety of services to meet your needs.

Trusted With A Variety Of Elder Law Matters

Attorney Karen Wright is well-versed in elder law matters, and is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. She has authored numerous articles on elder law, and has led various elder law talks in our area. Attorney Jim Thrasher has also been a reliable ally to local seniors for decades, counseling them in estate planning as well as other areas of the law.

To get started with a trusted estate and elder law team today, contact us.